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How One Calgary Business is Changing Lives through Better Hearing

It’s usually very subtle. It affects you without you realizing it. Whether it’s difficulty hearing at a crowded restaurant or gathering, or turning up the TV louder than you realize, hearing loss has a dramatic impact on how you live your life. From daily tasks and social interactions, to affecting your ability to keep your job, the effects can be devastating. In a recent study untreated hearing loss was shown to be one of the contributing factors for early onset dementia.

Because we don’t recognize it or acknowledge it right away, these negative consequences are often more severe than they need to be if they were treated sooner. While most hearing loss can be treated, the earlier it is detected the more effective the treatment.
At Calgary hearing Aid they understand that most people don’t like the idea of having a hearing aid. What they don’t realize is that by putting it off, they can make the consequences much worse. People will often suffer these negative consequences far longer than they need to. The amazing part is seeing their reaction the first time they hear what they’ve been missing. That moment is the most gratifying part of what they do at Calgary Hearing Aid. For over 20 years,
Calgary Hearing Aid has been helping people like you detect and treat hearing loss, so you can enjoy life to the fullest again. Locally owned and operated, our Audiologists & staff have been helping people just like you hear better.
There are four clinics in the city to serve you so you can find a location that is close and convenient for you. Our four full-time clinics are located at Macleod Trail, Marlborough Mall Professional Building, Market Mall Professional Building and Sunterra West. There is also a clinic offered at Strathmore one day per week.

It’s Easier Than You Think
Getting started is easy and has zero obligation. First book your hearing test where they evaluate and understand your hearing loss and how it is affecting your life. From there, they assess what technology would best help you and your lifestyle. You live life your way,
your hearing aid should be unique to you. Proper follow up with lifetime service is included, ensuring you learn how to best use the technology so
you can hear life out loud again!

Hearing Aid Advances & Your Lifestyle
It’s important to note that hearing loss is unique for every person. That means your loss is not the same as anyone else’s and should be treated as such. Perhaps you need more help to hear in a crowded room or restaurant, or help in one on one meetings or with watching TV. It’s vital that you have the right technology suited to your loss. “We offer hearing aids from the top six manufacturers so you can be sure to have the best solution for your type of hearing loss” says Ian Campbell, part owner, Calgary Hearing Aid & Audiology.

Proper Fit & Personalization
Once the proper hearing aid is selected, you undergo a professional fitting, which is followed up by a 60-day program of aural rehabilitation. You are actively involved every step of the way so you can get the best results for you. This involves real ear verification, computer validation testing and real world datalogging adjustments. Follow up appointments every 2-3 weeks during your trial maximizes the beneficial results of this state of the art technology.
“In fact,” Campbell says, “a modern hearing aid actually keeps track of its performance and responses while
in use. We then analyze this to help diagnose any issues, then adjust accordingly for the individual client.”

Lifetime Service
Most important at every step of the process is the lifetime service component. Testing and verification fitting are just the beginning. At Calgary Hearing Aid they help you to adjust and learn how to use your new device so you can
get back to living life on your terms.
“We help you for the lifetime of your hearing aids, which is typically five to seven years” says Campbell, “and we have found it’s the most crucial step in making sure you get the best results.”

Making Hearing Aids Affordable
Calgary Hearing Aid has many third party insurance contracts, 0% financing, as well as a unique hearing aid rental program and a battery club which can help you to get the treatment you need, affordably.

Hearing Loss: It’s Affecting People At Younger Ages
While many people associate hearing loss with old age, Calgary Hearing Aid
& Audiology is finding more and more people in their 50s and 60s with a hearing impairment. Don’t think it can’t be an issue just because you are younger. If you are wondering if you or a loved
one is suffering from untreated hearing loss, visit today and come in for your complementary consultation. You have nothing to
lose, and better hearing to gain!

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