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Listen to Gary's Story

"Ian communicates very well and explains hearing losses and is exceptionally careful and thorough in chosing the right kind of hearing aids. He is always willing to spend all the time needed to get it right. I am so very pleased with my new hearing aids. They work perfectly. Service is above and beyond the normal. All phone calls and front end staff service is very well handled and pleasant. I would recommend this hearing aid practitioner /audiologist and the firm to anyone."

Jean Doan

"Excellent experience - I would recommend Calgary Hearing Aid & Audiology. The audiologist/practitioner took time to explain; made sure the hearing aids were properly functioning for my needs. She spent a lot of time with me. The hearing aids are fabulous, they are fine tuned to my needs, and I can control them. Service was prompt and thorough with everyone encountered. Front end staff was courteous, knowledgeable with great communications; eg my hearing aids went out for repair and came back the date I was told and I received a prompt phone call when they were back. I am very pleased with all the service and products I have received from the audiologist to the product, service and front end staff. Excellent experience".

Leslie Sigveldason

"I have just purchased my third set of hearing aids. My hearing has never been better. In fact my wife is now asking for the TV to be 'turned up'. Karen gave me several options and answered my questions so I could make an informed decision. I have always found Karen to be knowledgeable and helpful as well as upbeat. Thea always greets me with a pleasant smile and is always accommodating."

Chuck Faulkner